2nd-4th Prize

Grand Prize

Wacom / Mermay 2020 Art contest rules



Welcome to the MerMay 2020 art contest!  We are excited to have Wacom join us as an official sponsor of our art contest once again.  Even more, we are excited to see the wonderful mermaid artwork that will be produced in May from all over the world!  



That’s easy- Create artwork of a mermaid and post it on Instagram with the hashtags below.   There will be five winners (prizes listed below) announced by the end of May.  


TO QUALIFY, you must post ORIGINAL (none of the art can be reused or based off of other’s artwork) artwork on INSTAGRAM as many art pieces as you would like from May 1- May 30th  on your Instagram page.   (You can post on other social media sites, but only Instagram posts will qualify for the contest). The artwork can be traditional or digital and does not have to be based off of the Official Prompt List.  Judging and announcement of the winner will happen by midnight of May 31st, Central time.  Winners will be announced here on the mermay.com website and on Instagram at @mermay2020 and @tombancroft1 pages also.  Additionally, you MUST use the hashtags: #MadeWithWacom #MerMay and #WacomMerMay2020 in your post captions for each piece submitted.


Judging will be compiled throughout May but judged on May 30th by a panel of artists and non-artists pre-selected by MerMay creator Tom Bancroft.  


MerMay 2020 PRIZES 

Grand Prize- Wacom Cintiq 22 and an original drawing from Tom Bancroft


Second- Wacom One creative pen display


Third- Wacom One creative pen display


Fourth- Wacom One creative pen display


Fifth- Tom Bancroft prize pack of a book, prints, and stickers. 


Wacom will ship the Wacom Cintiq prizes and Tom Bancroft will ship the prizes associated with himself.  We are sorry, but we cannot ship to everywhere in the world.  This is an international contest, though, and below are the places we can ship to.  Make sure you have an address in one of these locations to qualify. 





Latin America (except Venezuela)




New Zealand





Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden plus the two EEA countries Iceland and Norway.




For prize fulfillment, we will need the winners full name, shipping address (not PO box), phone number and email address.


THANK YOU FOR JOINING US!  Have a great MerMay 2020!  Please share this event and contest with your artist friends. 

-Tom Bancroft 

Animator, Character Designer, Creator, #MerMay


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